• Looking Back with Compassion, Moving Forward with Intention

    LIVE online course each week on Monday. Dates: CLASS HAS ALREADY STARTED. Get on the waitlist to be notified for next course! Look for it in the Fall. 

    Don't want to wait till Fall?

    Come reflect, grow, and relax with us at Breitenbush Hot Springs the first weekend in May! We're offering our 6-week masterclass in an intensive 4-day retreat format. Nourish your body, soul, and mind in one complete package. Book at Breitenbush now! 
    More details about upcoming Masterclass below.
  • Wondering how your childhood affects your life now? Need a new perspective on parenting? Feeling alone on your journey? Receive your 90-minute pre-recorded preview of our 6-week masterclass. We’ll give you a taste of what you will learn in the expanded course and some tools to implement now. This workshop is an intro into the larger topic of reparenting ourselves so we can interact with others, especially children, in informed and connective ways. We begin to look at why we react in the ways that we do in difficult situations and we give some tools to start to identify those programmed reactions and patterns. When we can understand the layers associated with our reactions, we can create space to make different choices and to be intentional in the way we connect. The information and tools in this mini workshop offer a different perspective of parenting and teaching children from the lens of awareness and human development. More details below. 
  • Empath Basics – Online

    $199.00 for 1 month with 1 week free trial

    LIVE course each week on Thursday. Dates: COMING SOON!

    Each weekly lesson (one per week) is 90 minutes, 10-11:30 am PDT

    More details below. 
  • Sale!

    Module I – Intro Course: Learn the basics, layers & dimension

    • Learn about your abilities and empath types
    • How to use information you receive from others
    • How to move emotions through/out of your field
    • Forming/establishing a Spiritual connection
    • Ethics, boundaries and integrity for yourself and others – Level I
    • Dealing with difficult people – Level I
    • Hands-on exercises
    • Self and body awareness
    • Disassociation patterns and re-association
    • How to use your abilities to enhance your/others’ life


    More details below. 


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