Conscious Relating Workshop

Conscious Relating Workshop


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Do you feel uncomfortable in social situations?
Do you struggle with clear communication?

Join Kim Holman and Chris Michels for an evening workshop where we will practice the skills of conscious relating and learn how to be comfortable in a variety of social situations. This will be an evening of information and practice in a safe and supportive, small group environment. For questions or more information, contact:

Second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM
In person event in Salem, OR

Price is on a sliding scale.


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Arrive at 6:45 and have some tea before we begin at 7pm. This is a great time to receive guidance to work through anxiety you may have in social settings, learn more about yourself and how you can consciously relate to others.

About Your Instructors

Kim Holman, LMT, IMT.C. brings 30 years of conscious relating to this group. Her 24 years of counseling to overcome childhood trauma while parenting her 3 children and 29+ years of being a Licensed Massage Therapist/bodyworker and being a certified Magnetic Mind coach have informed her in living a balanced life and making conscious choices to live a life she loves.

Chris Michels MSPT, JSCC, BHSP with his deep spiritual connection has woven a tapestry of magic into his life that he enjoys sharing with others through rituals and practices that deepen connection with himself and others. As a 4-year graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing and as a physical therapist for 23 years, he has helped people out of pain and offered support and guidance to folks who need spiritual healing.

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