(Re)Parenting Empowerment Masterclass

(Re)Parenting Empowerment Masterclass


Available on backorder

Looking Back with Compassion, Moving Forward with Intention

LIVE online course each week on Monday.
Dates: CLASS HAS ALREADY STARTED. Get on the waitlist to be notified for next course! Look for it in the Fall. 

Don’t want to wait till Fall?

Come reflect, grow, and relax with us at Breitenbush Hot Springs the first weekend in May! We’re offering our 6-week masterclass in an intensive 4-day retreat format. Nourish your body, soul, and mind in one complete package. Book at Breitenbush now! 

More details about upcoming Masterclass below.

Available on backorder


This is for you if you’re:

  • Interested in why you react the way you do
  • Desiring to (re)parent with more compassion
  • Losing yourself in parenting
  • Trying many things and they’re not working

Live Course includes:

  • Downloadable meditation
  • Handouts for each lesson
  • Tools for navigating every-day (re)parenting and self-regulation

Limited to 50 people for this LIVE online event
Starts in the Fall, 2024
Mondays 6-8:30 pm
for 6 weeks.

Our Key Intentions:

  • Offer tools to (re)parent with self-awareness
  • Treat people with grace and love
  • Build community through learning and understanding

Week 1 – Parenting Belief Systems, Styles and Methods
Week 2 – Anatomy of the Human (mental, emotional, spiritual)
Week 3 – Intro to Trauma
Week 4 – Listening – to yourself and others
Week 5 – Communication techniques
Week 6 – Balance and Wellness

Here’s what participants are saying…

“The parenting empowerment course was surprisingly helpful even though I do not have kids of my own. It helped me to understand the importance of self regulation and how our brains are short circuited during a trauma response. The tools and practices given were immediately applicable in my life and helped me to deal with being triggered and how to support others in finding wellness in their nervous systems.”
Chris Michels

“I could see myself taking this class three times over the next ten years and getting something completely different out of it each time.”

Nicole R.

Taught and facilitated by:

Kim Holman

Kim’s journey in life started with childhood trauma for the first 13 years of her life. For many years she vowed to never have children, until one day it seemed like a great idea. She and her former husband decided to have 2 kids and ended up with 3, in 3 years.. :-)  Kim started having children at about age 30 and they’re now in their mid to late 20’s. Early on in her parenting experience, she realized her childhood trauma was interfering with raising children so she started going to counseling to get support in parenting them and navigating relationships. She ended up reparenting herself through this process. More recently in the last 2 years, she learned about doing parts work during her coaching certification and that’s when she learned how to turn pain into wisdom. This led her to wanting to share tools and information with others to support them in their own parenting journey(s).

Meg Judge

Meg is a mom of two young children and has a deep passion for helping people reflect and grow into the best version of themselves. She has experience with supporting all ages in determining life paths, deconstructing difficult situations and moving people in positive, productive directions. She has taught preschoolers, elementary school students, teenagers and adults in various capacities. Additionally, she has done extensive research on neuroscience, human motivation, child development and trauma. She is excited to assist others in identifying the connections between parenting children, experiences of being parented and reparenting ourselves.

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