8 Hands Healing services

Wellness Coaching

Set your goal, create your structure and ACTUALLY ACHIEVE ANYTHING. We do have the power to get what we desire. Find out how!


Fascial Counterstain, Cupping, Injury Recovery, Sports, Joint Replacement Therapy, overall wellness-focused massage therapy and more. Good for the body and soul.


Kim will provide online (live or recorded), hands-on and/or in-person classes on an ongoing basis, including: Interdimensional Wellness Courses for Empaths and Healers, Gua Sha and more.

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)

IMT is about treatment of not just surface problems, but the underlying reasons for why we develop those surface issues.

Myofascial Sculpting©

Process using Cupping and Gua Sha to release fascia in an area bringing greater range of motion and comfort to the joints.

Cranial Sacral

Bodywork in soft tissue around the cranium and the rest of the body directly or indirectly related to the cranium and sacrum.