It’s tournament day and you’re excited and nervous all at the same time. This is burning up a lot of energy that you’re going to need when you play. So now you need to MAKE SURE you’re eating well because you’re burning up your fuel before you even get there.

Checklist for game day:

  1. Have you rested well the night before?
  2. Have you eaten a high protein breakfast that morning?
  3. Staying calm helps you remember ALL of your gear for the day.

Many young athletes are so nervous they cannot eat before a game. It is recommended that you eat about 2 hrs. before a game so your food is mostly digested and is ready to be used as energy. But what if you have back to back games throughout a day or even a whole weekend?

We recommend eating carbs and fat about ½ hr. before a game. The carbs are a quick fuel and the fat will give you sustaining energy. What kind of fat you ask? Avacados and nuts are ideal. I make cookies with nuts for my kids when they’re competing. They get the carbs, fat and just a little sugar with it. You can also take some fish oil before a game or even on a time-out to boost your energy level.

Remember to keep drinking your water. Ideally you’re putting a few drops of trace minerals in each bottle of water for keeping your electrolytes balanced. And sorry but the sports drinks do not have the electrolytes needed for a healthy athlete and is typically dehydrating to your body.

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