It seems the holidays are centered around food and the gathering of friends and family to enjoy it together. If you’re gluten free, dairy free or anything-else free you know how difficult it can be to cook for everyone and accommodate their food sensitivities. Gluten-free cooking, especially while eating out, can be especially difficult. Believe me, I know this first hand. With that in mind, I created a card to carry with me that would clearly list my allergies.

We have these business card-sized gluten-free cards in the 8 Hands office. You’re welcome to take some with you to share with your wait staff while eating out, a dinner host or just share with someone who is beginning their gluten free journey. It includes the different alcohols that typically contain gluten as well.


Click image to download/print!

This is the content you’ll find on the card:

I cannot eat and/or drink the following:

Grains: barley, bulgar, duram, kamut, oats, rye, spelt, triticuale, wheat
Included in: bread, breading, buns, croutons, couscous, gravy, malt, orzo, rice pilaf, rolls, seitan, semolina, soy sauce, stuffing
Drinks: ale, beer, bourbon, brandy, cognac, gin, malt liquors, root beer, rye, scotch, vodka

I CAN eat and/or drink the following:

vinegar (not malt), tamari sauce
Grains: amaranth, arrowroot, buckwheat, bean flours, millet, rice, soy, tapioca, teff, quinoa
Drinks: champagne, port, rum, vodka (potato/grape), schnapps, tequila, wine