I hope this post finds you relishing in the gifts of Covid-19.
“Gifts?” You say? I’ve discovered many gifts in this unprecedented time and am relishing in quality ‘me’ and gardening time I’m receiving.

At this point, our safety and the safety of our office is most important. Here are the measures I’ve been taking while tending to our clients:

  • Regular sanitization at the office after every (medically essential) client.
  • Fresh, clean bedding after every client.
  • Wearing a mask while working and you’re welcome to do the same for double protection.
  • Offering my long-distance bodywork services.

You may ask…how in the world would that work? When present (in the physical form) in my office, I work with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields. While most people are unaware of this, the major contributing factor to changes that occur in a persons’ body is not done with the physical body. More often than not, it is everything other than the physical that hold the key to allow the body to release pain patterns and make changes to allow optimal function of the body.

Since the quarantine started, I’ve been offering this to clients with great success. It’s ‘different’ and addresses an issue from a much broader perspective and has been very successful. I’ve been doing this type of work for a few years now and the sessions I’ve done since the quarantine started have expanded me in ways I forget to work with when in the office. I’ve been able to work with medically referred (by a Doctor) patients and incorporating these other energetic levels with great results. I naturally am a seer and was trained to be a feeler. This is a very helpful skill/gift to have when doing distance work.

What does a session look like: 

  • Text or call to make an appointment time. I recommend 30-60 min.
  • We talk on the phone or can do zoom at the appointed time.
  • I recommend you’re in a quiet, safe, relaxed atmosphere where you can comfortably lay down or sit for the appointed time and perhaps a while longer.
  • You let me know what it is you’re wanting to change and we begin talking about it as I work on your energy fields from a distance.
  • At the end you pay via credit card over the phone.


Give me a call 503-409-2772 to get in on this great service!