• Looking for fresh and supportive resources? Need a new perspective on parenting? Feeling alone on your journey? Join us for this FREE 90 – minute preview of our 6-week masterclass! We’ll give you a taste of what you will learn in the expanded course and some tools to implement now. More details below. 
  • LIVE online course each week on Monday. Dates: TENTATIVELY February 2024 Each weekly lesson (one per week) is 2.5 hours, 6-8:30 pm PDT Live online up to 50 people.

    Join us for a 6-week LIVE, interactive online masterclass to break down the patterns you were raised with and look at how they affect your interactions with people, specifically the children in your life.

    This masterclass is multigenerational. It is relevant to anyone who desires to unpack their experiences and belief systems in order to strengthen relationship with:

    • Children
    • Grandchildren
    • Adult children
    • Self
    More details below. 
  • Sale!

    Module I – Intro Course: Learn the basics, layers & dimension

    • Learn about your abilities and empath types
    • How to use information you receive from others
    • How to move emotions through/out of your field
    • Forming/establishing a Spiritual connection
    • Ethics, boundaries and integrity for yourself and others – Level I
    • Dealing with difficult people – Level I
    • Hands-on exercises
    • Self and body awareness
    • Disassociation patterns and re-association
    • How to use your abilities to enhance your/others’ life


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  • Empath Basics – Online

    $199.00 for 1 month with 1 week free trial

    LIVE course each week on Thursday. Dates: COMING SOON!

    Each weekly lesson (one per week) is 90 minutes, 10-11:30 am PDT

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