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Gluten Free Card

It seems the holidays are centered around food and the gathering of friends and family to enjoy it together. If you're gluten free, dairy free or anything-else free you know

Toxins and our water

We have the power to protect ourselves and our loved ones. With more toxicity in our environment, food and water, it can sometimes seem discouraging about how to protect ourselves and our

Castor-Oil Breast/Lymph Detox

In honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we'd like to share our favorite detox technique for breast health. Breast health is a concern for all of us, men and women alike.

My hysterectomy experience

5/8/15 I am now 5 weeks, 6 days post hysterectomy and am healing well. I am encouraged to share my experience so other women might have more information and feel

An Empaths’ guide to the Holidays

An empath as I see it is someone who is VERY aware and perceptive of others thoughts, feelings and emotions. They often mistake them as their own thoughts, feelings and

DIY Massage and Videos

Relieving sore muscles with a ball?

You can work out those tight back, neck and shoulder muscles without seeing a massage therapist! Just grab a ball and look for a wall. Check out the video for

Rolling out with a foam roller

Feeling sore? Muscles achey? You just need a roller. That's it. Get them at your standard athletic store! [vc_cta h2="" h4="Book your appointment now! 503-409-2772." style="custom" custom_background="rgba(135,196,64,0.65)" custom_text="#915ba6"]Because of Kim’s

On Game Day!

It’s tournament day and you’re excited and nervous all at the same time. This is burning up a lot of energy that you’re going to need when you play. So

Prepping for Game Day!

When you are performing in a sport you’re asking your body to be a race car vs. a regular vehicle. What kind of fuel are you putting in your race

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